Santa Elena Target

Map of the district showing the San Martin and the Santa Elena vein, to the NE and SW. On the right, a microstructure of the Soyatal Formation, a mirror of the major structure at San Martin.

Background Information on Santa Elena

The structure of Santa Elena is a tabular body of silicified massive breccia of quartz between the shales in the foot wall with the limestone breached on the hanging wall, both belong to the Soyatal Formation of the Upper Cretaceous.

For many years it was thought that mineralization was associated with a dome of rhyolitic composition, and the structure was repeated towards the east portion of that dome, new studies have detected the mineralization is associated with the stratification of the rocks, the similarity of Santa Elena and the current operation area San Martin, geometrically correspond to a classic anticline, being Santa Elena the western part of the crease flank, as shown the new geological exploration model.